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Artist Statement

I am drawn to the myriad textures and forms that I encounter in daily life.  Much of my inspiration comes from the natural world, but I am as likely to be influenced by a complex architectural detail, as I am by the gentle curve of a branch against a darkening sky.  In my work I aspire to fabricate pieces that represent a synergy of creative expression and technical skill. I thrive on minute details, and enjoy the challenge of continually trying to push my work to the next level of innovation.


Amanda Aker began her training as a fine jeweler at Pyramid Studios, in Ellsworth, Maine.  She expanded upon her knowledge at North Bennet Street School, in Boston, Massachusetts.  In 2007, she received her degree in Fine Jewelry Fabrication and Repair.  She continued to refine her craft at Bree Richey Designs; assisting with production work for a wholesale jewelry line.  In 2009,  Amanda opened her own business; hand fabricating her own designs, exhibiting at shows, and collaborating with clients to create bridal and custom jewelry.

Her work is award winning and was recently featured on the cover of The New Art Review's "Just Jewelry" publication.  It also adorned the cover of the program for the 2010 North Bennet Street School's "Evening of Traditional Craftmanship" exhibition.

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